One off grass cuts and garden tidy ups

Do you need a little help getting your garden back on track, look no further we can help get your garden back in shape

Long term garden maintenace

Are you to busy to keep on top of your garden, don’t worry we have the right maintenance package for you

Grass cutting & lawn maintenance

Are you looking for your lawn to be restored and maintained?  Do you have problems with weeds and moss? Are you looking for something pleasing to the eye? Look no further we can maintain your lawn and help bring it back to life. We offer simple grass cutting & lawn restoration weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Like you we will take pride in your lawns and will ensure long term beautiful gardens that look amazing.

We also offer ” one off ” lawn cuts just to give you that helping hand in getting you back on track.

Clean lines, stunning boarders & garden clearance

Are you looking to improve your boarders? Are you thinking of a change by either adding new plants or decorative stone? Boarder maintenance and landscaping can help bring those clean garden lines in to play making the appearance of your garden stunning.

Has you garden become overgrown or is it simply filled with rubbish? We know that over the winter months you’re garden can appear over grown and will require weeding and clearance. Most gardens will need a good clean up after those winter months. Again we offer a maintenance option so that we always keep on top it making your life a lot easier, keeping your garden pristine.

Patio and decking cleaning

Over time moss or general scale will build up on your decking or patio area. Our pressure washing will bring those surfaces back to life. This could be your patio, block-paving or any other stone or wooden features within your garden.

We look forward to hearing from you email us to arrange you no obligation quote.